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Where have you been Matteo Achilli?

After an April some intrusive information came up but till today only few articles are about this.

Egomnia is a startup founded in 2012 by Matteo Achilli. The media world knows it as both a legal entity and a physical person.

Egomnia was developed with many and many have joined them as well. In fact, more or less, they all talked about it.

They spoke a lot but no one has written about fundarising throw Indiegogo or the way he got the movie The Start up.

We did it basing on the article of Nicola Furnari. It was written with a good content (algorithm and title included) but not so much with the form (which we always take for granted).

Read it carefully, published on April 24 on, link below.

The crowdfunding of vErGOGNA

We add the results of the crowdfunding campaign throw indiegogo and the trend of the movie’s revenue, without comment, just a couple of screen shots.

The deal on indiegogo closed with $ 44 collected, $ 10 less than $ 54 taken from Nicola’s article.

indiegogo_egomnia_matteo achilli

The movie being on the platform made € 126,573 only within 2 weeks, till 10.4. The total amount with movieplayer was € 225,878 against 226,000 euros reported by mymovies (just rounded up the figure).


Even this time almost no one, including our grandparents would have used “wisely” some popular sayings. We are limited to bringing an update on the crowdfunding campaign and the movie’s revenue from cinemas. We may just report.



Thanks to Nicola Furnari for his brilliant article

Link to Indiegogo

Link to mymovies

Other interesting links you will find in the article of Nicola Furnari