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They are interesting because point out how usually the Sampling market is underestimated and managed. Not because of the client or agency but because of the lack of innovation in management techniques.

This lack of innovation in techniques and channels to manage sampling activities generates a number of negative effects that customers have clearly highlighted in the survey results:


  1. Lack of controls: monitoring sampling activities in 30% of cases is not done
  2. Degree of dispersion: awareness that there is (55.24%) and lack of a system to calculate this degree in compliance with the target
  3. Call to action: 1 company per 4 does not insert it, or it does not associate any action with the sample so it is impossible to calculate any type of ROI
  4. Grading of satisfaction: 40% of total over the sampling activities were “lukewarm”, direct consequence of the above points


The confirmation, and possible solution, comes from the most used channel responses. The one with the lowest score is the most innovative one, till today the one that solves all 4 points generates negative effects and declass the sampling activity to some other activities.



 audiSample degree satisfaction 40% expresses a “lukewarm”


Sampling can be handled as “self-reliant” and integrated with the rest of the activities that make up any marketing plan in order to maximize efficiency, efficiency and ROI.

Save is not just trying to pay the “gross” contact cost as little as possible, in fact it’s a pretty stupid mistake, since at last one does not know how much it is actually paying, or how much it costs the delivery of a single sample to a single person in target. There are those who calculate it on a scale or who makes it compute to third parties.



Yes, only an “ignorant neophyte” (in the literal sense of the term) affirms the opposite. This is the main innovation contained in SimpleSample, the channel that in the search was called e-TryVertisng (sample handling through the e-commerce boxes).

The market as a whole is active all year long, although it has slight inflections in the early winter and summer months.


Sampling is practically practiced by all major areas of food-driven research (19.41%), personal care (16.85%) and pharmaceutical (10.62%). Interesting however, highlight how many other sectors are interested in this technique.


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