This Statusphere article reports the 5 benefits of the In-Home eCommerce Sampling, or also called e-TryVertising.

Sampling is still one of the most effective ways to get people to try out your product. If you know you have a good product, take advantage of it and allow people to taste it, smell it or feel it. The audiSample data confirm this: the sampling technique is used by 61.59% of companies.

Advantage n. 1: Cost-Effective

Taking a sampling action implies a continuous effort in terms of investments. The e-TryVertising “is not more expensive (and in some cases less expensive) than in-person sampling”, as can be the activities of street, indoor, outdoor, etc., where it is necessary to pay hostesses, permits, taxes occupation of public land, team leaders, etc. But at the end, what is the actual cost per contact? Are all samples delivered? Is the target respect?

The e-TryVertising allows you to distribute all planned samples, arrive directly at home, in the hands of the Purchasing Manager.


Advantage n. 2: Allows customers to have an experience with the product at home, in a relaxed environment.

The sample arrives at home. There are no barriers.

Customers can try the product with the family, try it on the skin, taste it quietly, live it … allows your potential consumer to use the product as if they had bought it.

Advantage 3: Activate a cognitive bias known as reciprocity

“Have you ever had a feeling of obligation when someone gave you something you did not expect? Most people have. It is known as a sense of reciprocity. This is what happens with the in-Home e-Commerce sampling.

Of course, when customers find something more in its order, quality and high added value, generates a positive effect in respect of the merchant and the brand. In addition, you increase the likelihood that the customer purchases the product after trying it.

Advantage 4: Sampling Shortcuts Buying Decisions

Consumers make a list of pros and cons before buying a new product. Even if they see advertising on TV, banners on the web or post on Instagram (all push actions), there may still be doubts about the purchase. The last step is missing, that is the relationship with the product.

Imagine that the client, in the evening when he arrives at home, opens the e-Commerce package (he has been waiting for days) and finds something more, your sample …

The product testing process avoids the question: “how will the product be?” And helps “transform potential customers into customers”

Advantage 5: Sampling Builds Brand Loyalty

“It costs a lot more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. Sending samples allows you to show customers that you care about them. They feel valued, and this sense of value means they will be more likely to make repeated purchases. ”

Therefore, eTryVertising is a way to attract new customers and “transform regular customers into brand ambassadors”, but above all to guarantee the cost per contact without loss.