Meritene® Mobilis® makes sampling through the e-commerce boxes

Meritene® Mobilis® is the nutritional supplement suitable for adults “who like to stay active and on the move”.

The product is a vanilla flavor, in 20gr single-coated envelopes. One per day to maintain the functionality of muscles, bones and joints thanks to nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals with more hyaluronic acid and collagen.



“Second Leaflet Meritene® Mobilis Leaflet”


The goal of the sampling campaign (which we recall rightly goes under Direct Marketing) is to optimize the delivery of sample kits (consisting of a valuable bill of lading plus a stack of stacked product envelopes) to an adult target “Who loves to stay active and on the go.”

Simple Sample ™, the ability to schedule campaigns by inserting the sample kit within the e-commerce box, has been chosen and integrated into Meritene® Mobilis®’s most comprehensive Direct Marketing plan.

Merchants were selected based on their vertical positioning, specialized in clothing and sports equipment, so the target was 100% respected.


Main advantages of the campaign:


Certain contact cost:

is guaranteed the unique contact, each parcel enters a home, each home is made up of an average of 3.1 people

No Duplication:

On average, vertical merchants have an average repurchase rate ranging from 3 to 6 months.

Shock your target:

finding something extra when you open an e-commerce box is an indescribable feeling, especially, as in this case, if the sample kit has a high and perceived high value and is perfectly in target.

Budget Optimization:

Guaranteed cost contact increases the efficiency and efficiency of the investment (less and better).

100% guaranteed opening and reading:

The package contains products purchased online and are expected, when it is open, it checks all content properly.

Meritene® Mobilis®, Nestlé Health Science,

Photo during insertion into the e-commerce box


The plan commissioned by TUM Italia, in addition to the delivery of the Meritene® Mobilis Sample Kit, is equipped with:


  • sending a DEM to the customer base of affiliated online shops (non-commercial database) and
  • from a post-campaign qualitative e-survey to check its liking, effectiveness, and conversion to the purchase.


Duration: 2 months

Customer: Nestlé Health Science

Quantity: 25,000 Sample Kit

Planned Merchants: 5

Media Planning: TUM Italy

Circuit: Simple Sample ™