Not long ago, I read in an article that anyone who finds a friend finds a treasure. In this challenging period for the global economy, it would be more appropriate to say that whoever finds a client finds a treasure. Given the complexity of the economic situation in which we live, it is necessary to maintain customer trust. By offering them products adapted to their lifestyles and satisfy their needs as consumers.

The pandemic has transformed the relationship model between brands and customers, especially in the B2C relationship, where Direct-to-Consumer is taking a new dimension. Leading to the redesign of sales channels and positioning e-commerce as a priority in their omnichannel strategy.

The opportunity to make progress in the world of digital technology is very present today, and the pandemic has only accelerated this trend.

At the Spanish SAP Virtual Commerce Forum on 1 October 2020, Ignacio Blanco, digital e-commerce & marketing Director at Estée Lauder, stated that “to have authority as a brand, we must have established a prior contact with the consumer, and have generated engagement with him”.

There are many ways to generate engagement, one of them is us: SIMPLE SAMPLE™

E-commerce sampling or the management of sampling campaigns through e-commerce channel: physically reaching consumer’s hands and making his home his consumption space.

It is a not well-known activity in both Spain and Italy, countries in which we mainly develop our campaigns. We have therefore thought that an interactive way to get to know the benefits of this service is to present its results: qualitative and quantifiable, which make the Simple Sample circuit a key component to achieving useful and real results as part of your company’s strategy and annual marketing plan.

Soon, and once a week, we will publish a detailed article on each of the KPIs of digital sampling.

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