First KPI: Delivery at home.

Casaleggio Associati has published the 2020 E-commerce study in Italy which states that since the beginning of the year there have been two million new online consumers in the country, raising the total to 29 million. An impressive figure, however, concerns the share of these two million attributable to the coronavirus crisis: 1.3 million users.

Additional information shows that 76% of e-commerce users have purchased from mobile over the last year, compared to a European average of 64%. The mobile channel in 2019 generated an average of 43.5% of Italian e-commerce companies’ turnover, 9.5% more than last year. This percentage continues to grow over the years.

With this data, we can say that the e-commerce sector is at its best. The number of online shoppers is increasing, the number of categories and products that can be purchased online is multiplying, continuing the growth and the extension of this type of service.

Now, with this information let’s tell Emily’s story:

Emily had a very exhausting day. She decides to treat herself by ordering a new dress from her favorite and trusted online shop from her mobile phone. Two days later, the doorbell rings. The dress is there! She opens it, takes her order, goes to the nearest table, and unpacks it. Surprise! There is not only a dress that she obviously knew she was going to receive but also a small sample of perfume from a new collection and an invitation to visit the brand’s website. WOW!

Psychologists point out that through a gift, the relationship with the brand is unconsciously improved and strengthened. On a communicative level, a gift positions consumers in an optimal receptivity position. Generating joy, as well as feeling precious and cherished.

Let’s go back to history. Emily sits quietly, paying full attention to the gift without any outside distractions. Naturally, she appreciates it and tries the perfume in a relaxed atmosphere. She registers on the brand’s website and researches how to purchase it.

Now multiply this feeling Emily had by the total number of consumers who buy online: 29 million.

The positive aspect is that each communication is unique for each customer, so of course, all the contacts live this experience in a different way but with one thing in common: the communication is seen 100% without external distraction.

Through these articles, we want to highlight the qualitative features of digital sampling or, in this particular case, the fact that the communication object is delivered directly to the home, which brings a number of advantages such as :

– 100% contact in Home, where online shoppers receive their orders, immediately generating PULL instead of push communication.

Enter the consumption place and encourage people to try products. Given the speed lifestyle we are facing, and let’s be honest, the amount of advertising in our daily lives, we don’t necessarily find the time to test new products, especially in these times, for hygiene reasons, testing is not allowed in shops.

-Possibility of including a digital call to action by running competitions on the brands’ web pages, or subscribing to the newsletter, webinars (Lead Generation)… There are many possibilities, so you must be imaginative!

-As we mentioned with Emily, receiving a gift generates a positive feeling towards the brand and creates a relationship in which the consumer feels valued and appreciated.

Have you ever thought of communicating in this way?

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