Second KPI: 100% opening rate

You are launching a new product and you want to ensure its success. The launch in itself does not have the power to guarantee the longevity of your product on the market. You need to convince your audience that they need to try something new among all the big competitors while keeping a product that defends your corporate values every time they buy it. Of course, this is not an easy task and it is one of the main challenges for companies.

We start from a concrete and confirmed basis: you have to arrive at the right time and offer something to the right people.

Digital sampling or e-commerce sampling gives us this possibility, but what is it about?

It is a marketing practice that consists of distributing free samples of a product through the e-commerce channel. We could say that it is a kind of icebreaker for your potential customers. They can try freely the product, become familiar with it, create their own opinion, and promote its popularity.

But the doubt is not completely solved, with all the Internet users active on the web, how do you find the right people to offer your product to? This is how the SimpleSample circuit was born.

We use e-commerce as a tool to deliver your communication object. Thus, depending on the type of campaign and the type of product, vertical e-commerce will be selected according to their category so as to match the notion of the ideal moment with the ideal person.

However, it is normal that doubts remain, we talk about sampling that my potential clients, as well as my current clients, can try. That means, what I want them to buy and to do so use the e-commerce channel to get this sample, but do they really see it? When is the ideal time? What is the opening rate?

Usually, the opening rate is the percentage that results from the number of emails and/or products sent and the number of products actually received and tested.

Through the fact that the e-merchants themselves insert your communication object in their boxes, the order arrives at the home of the customer or the person responsible for the purchase, in this way we get a 100% opening rate.

Within the company, we are obsessed with useful contact.


It should be taken into account that e-mail marketing is considered to have a good opening rate when it exceeds 20% and only concerns your existing customer base. On the other hand, other traditional sampling methods, such as street sampling, destroy any kind of reputation and credibility for the brand when the object of the communication is, for example, found thrown on the ground.

Through these articles, we want to highlight the qualitative measures of e-commerce sampling where, in this particular case, the fact that a 100% opening rate is possible and brings a series of advantages such as :

Useful contact: If you decide to distribute 50,000 samples, you will reach 50,000 customers through 50,000 different boxes.

– Guaranteed targeting: We avoid waste by reaching a target contact thanks to the know-how offered by SimpleSample.

– Enthusiasm to test the object received: The communication becomes surprising and pleasant because it is not expected. It is simply included in your online order in trustworthy e-commerce.


Have you ever thought of communicating in this way?

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