At the end of the year 2016 Haribo Italy conducted the e-TryVertising campaign in cooperation with Simple Sample network. Except the benefits of this methodology (effectiveness, efficiency, certain contact cost, satisfaction rate> 80%, etc.) have been confirmed the constant trend of spontaneous sharing of digital content in social network (UCG: User Generated Content).

e-tryvertising SimpleSample Haribo

E-TryVertising is the transfer of a communication object through the publication of the received e-commerce box. This is a powerful tool that combines the traditional form of communication (paper and sampling) with a digital part (through online shopping). Receivers of Haribo campaign were using digital devices for publishing, so everything was spinning around the brand:



e-tryvertising Simple Sample Haribo

For this campaign, sample kit consisted of 100 grams of Haribo gels and leaflet, all wrapped in transparent foil.

Neither on the flyer nor on the sample was there any reference, in directly and indirectly way, encouraging to the publication of the sample kit on social networking sites.

In spite of this, in the Internet, in the form of thanksgiving, appears spontaneous content with the original advertising text and the brand name. Amateur photos, specific hashtags, and content-matched to the campaigns confirm the power of the “WOW effect”. The person receiving the package is willing to share his positive experience with his social network.

This phenomenon repeats for every campaign of this type. As long as the sample has a real value to the recipient he wants to share his experience with his social network.

Regardless of the type of online store, up to 50% of orders are made by phone or by post, as with Bon Prix, or as with or by digital. Their UGC is generated mainly via the Instagram and Facebook portal or feedback on post purchase.

Here are some examples:


My order was delivered within 4 days! Very good and low price products. Together with my order I found a packet of Haribo gels, what can I want more? Thank you Euronova !!!”

e-tryvertising Simplesample Haribo


“Free of bonprix #bonprix #absurd, but real”

e-tryvertising simplesample haribo


“The website is really reliable and very helpful regards to shipment, there was even a small gift for my daughter, what can I want more?”

simplesample haribo


“Sometimes strangers know you better than your loved ones. BonPrix certainly belongs to this group by putting in my order Haribo jelly! “

e-tryvertising simplesample haribo



“As always perfectly and therefore I am a fully satisfied customer. Thank you very much for the courtesy and sweet refreshment.”

e-tryvertising simplesample haribo

CLIENT: Haribo Italy S.p.A.

CAMPAIGN: e-Tryvertising

NETWORK: Simple Sample


QUANTITY: 100.000 advertising sets (product sample + leaflet)

TARGET GROUP: Kids & Family


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